Online advertising solutions
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Web design

Tythos is dedicated to offering comprehensive, high level digital design services. All the websites we create are specifically focused towards the current online environment.

We specialize in designing highly effective websites for both individuals and for small to medium sized businesses. We offer quality web solutions, graphic, logo, flash design, web development, photo editing and many other services that will increase your online presence and will improve your business.

Search Engine Optimization

On the Internet it is important that customers can easily find your business. Utilizing search engine optimization and search engine management campaigns, we can dramatically increase the visibility of your business in even the most competitive industry.

Certain strategies, like the clever use of domain names, solid website architecture, well positioned and thought out keywords, linkage from other relevant websites and a wide range of other factors will all contribute to the success of your business and we are here to offer you a wide variety of these SEO solutions.

Pay Per Click

Of all the means to promote your website, none could be more important than creating top level positioning in the search engines. This is exactly the what "Pay Per Click" marketing deals with.

Pay Per Click campaigns are the most effective marketing solution available for your website. It combines the ability for the website owner to dictate which keywords they want to list their website under, along with the targeting of specific geographic location of the users who may view the ads. Simply saying, you will be allowed to list your website under any keyword or any phrase, and attain the top positions on search engine rankings.

In order to maximize your immediate and long-term search engine results, you can also combine your PPC package with one of our SEO packages.

Banner Solutions

Another form of online advertising solutions we provide is banner ad. The advertisements of different sizes appear on all sorts of Web pages and vary considerably in appearance and subject matter but share the same function - if you click on them, your Internet browser will take you to the advertiser's Web site.

You can specify that your banner comes up in specific categories and advertise your site according to your needs. While being more costly, getting more targeted audience to see your ad may be worth trying.