Online advertising solutions
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Who we are

Tythos is an online advertising and marketing agency.We specialize in providing a full range of online advertising services including ad serving, media planning and placement, online advertising campaign analysis and creative production.

Tythos also designs websites according to customer's needs, wants and interests and consults on monetizing sites and providing strategic direction.

We aim to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers following newest industry trends in online advertising. Our professional and qualified team will ensure that you always get the best and most cost effective results.


Our Vision

Online advertising and marketing continues to provide businesses with the unique ability to market their products and services and reach audiences across the world.

Every day we see millions of messages and examples of online advertisements and their effect is powerful. Aiming to predict potential user behavior, interests and needs, we make complex decisions about what advertisements to display and when to deliver them to ensure a successful campaign performance.

Our technologies makes advertising more relevant for customers and we do our best to provide them with advertising and marketing packages to suit their needs and budget.